Fly Fishing Gear: Keeping It All Together

September 5, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

Many long-time fly fishers will agree with Arkansas guide John Berry that orderliness is the single most important ingredient in any fishing trip. John’s methods could be adopted by just about anyone wanting to make sense of their carry-along gear. “In the dry side, I carry my fishing vest, a rain jacket, a pair of fingerless gloves (in the winter. I carry wool gloves and in the summer, I carry sun gloves), a hat, a net, a digital camera in a waterproof case, a walkie-talkie in a waterproof case and a small rigging bag. In the rigging bag, I carry a back up of everything that I carry in my vest. This includes tippet spools, leaders, forceps, nippers, etc. In addition, I carry a wader repair kit, a reel repair kit, super glue, a Swiss army knife and a leatherman.” In the Baxter Bulletin.