Dr. Slick Introduces Bamboo-Handle Fly Tying Tools, More for 2008

July 27, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

It’s the time of year when fly fishing product manufacturers first announce their lineup for 2008, and Dr. Slick looks to be first out of the gate with products designed to increase angler convenience and decrease fly tier fatigue. “Our bamboo handle tying tools are the most comfortable instruments we have ever produced – you can tie longer with less hand fatigue . . . and, they look great,” says Dr. Kenneth A. High in their press release. Other cool stuff from Dr. Slick:
— Self-closing extra-hand fly tweezers.
— 6 1/2” Pisces stainless straight pliers, with anvil cutters and rubber handle grips
— Bead tweezers
— New all-purpose and hair scissors in their Eco (economy) line
Read the extended entry for the full press release.

July 25, 2007
Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers
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BELGRADE, Mont. – New fly-fishing and fly-tying products ranging from a tool that picks up tying beads to a series of tying tools that “simply feel good in your hands” are on tap for 2008 from Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers.
“Our bamboo handle tying tools are the most comfortable instruments we have ever produced – you can tie longer with less hand fatigue . . . and, they look great,” according to Dr. Kenneth A. High, president.
Dr. Slick will also introduce a remarkable “extra hand” fly tweezers that enables an angler to lift a single fly from a box or compartment without the danger of dumping everything into a river; and 4-inch bead tweezers that allows the fly-tier to pick up a single brass, tungsten, glass, round, or dumbbell-shaped bead.
Other new for ’08 products include the stainless steel Pisces Pliers, with anvil cutter with rubber grips; and economy-priced all-purpose and hair scissors.
The Dr. Slick – perhaps Dr. Feel Good might be more appropriate – bamboo-handle tools include a bodkin with half hitch tool; bobbin threader with half-hitch tool; rotary whip finisher with half-hitch tool; and both small and large rotary hackle pliers.
NEW for 2008 Dr. Slick Tools
Bamboo Handle Tying Tools
Bodkin with half hitch tool;
Bobbin Threader with half hitch tool;
Whip Finisher, Rotary, with half hitch tool;
Rotary Hackle Pliers (small), with rubber tubing on one jaw;
Rotary Hackle Pliers (large), with half hitch tool and rubber tubing on one jaw.
$8 each
Bamboo handle tools are also available in a gift set that includes
Medium hair stacker
4-inch ceramic bobbin
4-inch all-purpose scissors
Bead Tweezers
4-inch self closing in gold and satin finish. Designed with a straight arrowhead (pointed) jaw enabling the tier to pick up a single bead from a tray, plastic bag or table. One jaw is coated with plastic to keep glass beads from breaking. Suitable for brass, tungsten, glass, round, dumbbell or chain beads.
Extra Hand
Fly tweezers for lifting a single fly of any size out of a box while streamside. The 2-1/4-inch tweezers are self-closing. Hangs from any fly-fishing vest or jacket. In gold and satin finish.
Pisces Pliers
6-1/2-inch, stainless steel pliers with double pocket holster and lanyard. These are straight pliers with an anvil cutter blade and rubber handle grips. For all fresh and saltwater fly-fishing, bass fishing and general home use. A satin finish.
Eco (economy) All Purpose Scissors
4-inch straight serrated blade. Satin finish
Eco (economy) Hair Scissors
4-1/2-inch straight serrated blade. Satin finish.
Improved/Modified Dr. Slick Tools for 2008
Necklace now comes with waterproof fly box
Hook files now have rounded bottoms
Pliers have upgraded holsters
Eco clamps have improved ratchets
Editor/Writers Note: A limited number of new Dr. Slick tools will be available after the Denver Dealer Show.
For a CD of product photos, please contact Bennett Mintz at 818 718 8566 or [email protected] after the show.
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