Four-Wheel Drive Not Required: Van Horssen's Fish & Drive Tour

May 29, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

OK, I’m not a raging car buff, but I have driven for endless hours through Montana — some at speeds that wouldn’t fall within the “reasonable and prudent” standard of the late 1990s — and I have to say that doing so in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini would have made it at least a bit more interesting. If you’re of like mind, Van Horssen Group’s third annual Fish & Drive Tour may belong on your September calendar. The company is once again offering reservations for a luxury auto tour through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, with stays at some some of the top western fishing lodges, including Rustic Traditions Henry’s Fork Lodge and the Bighorn River Resort.
September fishing in the Rockies has its own magic — the crowds are gone, but there are still plenty of bugs on the water. Hmmm, wonder where the rod racks go on an Aston Martin?
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Contact: Scott Harrington
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September 2007 Fish & Drive Tour through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming
At first glance a peculiar combination, but supercars and fly fishing are a perfect fit. Some of the best fly fishing and scenic driving is located in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, the setting for Van Horssen Group’s third annual FISH & DRIVE TOUR. This tour gives a lucky few the chance to experience these great destinations while adding the incomparable sensation of driving supercars on roads that seem practically made for them.
Incredible fishing and driving is the heart of this trip, but the extras make it unforgettable. From distinctive luxury accommodations and exquisite cuisine to charismatic yet professional guides and support staff, each participant on this tour will find their needs met and their expectations exceeded. For those that would rather not fish, there are a variety of other activities and destinations that can be arranged so everyone enjoys the ride.
The Henry’s Fork of the Snake River is said to be one of the greatest fishing destinations in the world. Along with the Bighorn River, which has some of the highest numbers of trout per mile, and the waters around Cody, Wyoming, this tour will take you through the heart of America’s best fly fishing. Our experienced, professional guides know the waters like nobody else and will take you to the fish. Specific fishing spots can be arranged for all types of skill levels.
Imagine driving an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche through the spectacular countryside of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Journey through Yellowstone and witness the stunning landscapes found nowhere else. This is one of the few places in America where you can truly enjoy cars of this caliber on a variety of roads: long straight flats, tight mountain twisties and smooth sweepers. Some of the world’s greatest cars will be your modern day horse getting you from one great destination to the next.
Henry’s Fork Lodge, listed in the book “1000 Places to See before You Die,” will be just one of the memorable lodges in which we stay. This lodge offers a rustic luxury and exquisite cuisine that has made it famous. The Bighorn River Resort serves up great views of “Big Sky Country” and a hospitality that make memories of the West linger. The character and charm of old west Cody is exciting and staying at the Chamberlin Inn reveals a casual elegance that Ernest Hemingway himself enjoyed.
Dates for the tour are September 16th – 21st, 2007. Space is limited. Call for pricing.
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For more information about this tour, please call Scott Harrington at 480.850.5992
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