Moore's Law of Fisheries Conservation

May 15, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

Some astute readers may know that fly fisher Gordon Moore, the Intel co-founder, was responsible for “Moore’s Law,” which predicted that the number of components the industry would be able to place on a computer chip would double every year. Few anglers know of his philanthropic foundation’s large contributions to fisheries research and conservation. In January, for example, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation gave $563,000 to Maine’s Penobscot East Resource Center. In March, the Foundation gave $4.62 million to the Flathead Lake Research Lab in northwestern Montana to fund research for salmon habitat preservation.
Michael Jamison writes about the interaction between Jack Stanford, the scientist directing the Montana research, and Moore, whom he apparently pushed into the river to keep him safe from a grizzly, in the Missoulian.
You can read more about the great work being funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation on their Web site.