"Location X" Re-Airs March 21

March 19, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

If you missed the first airing of HowardFilms’s “Location X,” a film about fishing a red-hot secret tarpon spot, you can catch it again this Wednesday night at 9PM on Versus. Here’s what the new press release says about the film:
“CHASING SILVER: LOCATION X on the Versus Network, March 21, 2007 at 9pm EST
How do you follow up the award-winning mini-series that’s garnered popularity at home and abroad? Well, we weren’t sure ourselves. So, we spent many months researching the world’s fisheries for a sequel.
Chasing Silver: Location X (a one-hour film) is the culmination of that work. ‘LX’ as we’ve come to call it, was an angling expedition that involved some faith on the angler’s part (Where am I going and why?) and some faith on our part (Where are we going and why?!) We selected three anglers from the southernmost, easternmost and westernmost points in North America and flew them to our tarpon grounds. And we all hoped this tarpon Shangri-la would really have tarpon that ate close and often. (They did!) And as always, when fly rod and tarpon meet — it was pure mayhem.”
By the way, you can now place an advance order for the “Location X” DVD, which is due to go on sale in June, over on the HowardFilms Web site.