Product Review: Dry-Tech MRT Fly Boxes

March 6, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

I’ve been testing gear for a long time — at least since 1987, when I told the owner of a major fly-fishing catalog company that his new high-tech rain jacket leaked badly (actually, it was pouring cold misery on us that day and I used more colorful language). That doesn’t make me any better or worse at evaluating equipment, except that it has taught me not to say a word about anything until I’ve carried it around on the water for a while. It also taught me that first impressions are not always valid.
Such is the case with the Dry-Tech MRT fly box, which, when we first looked at it, struck us as heavy and even overbuilt. But when Angling Designs owner Steve Schwartz explained that he spent weeks testing humidity levels inside of all the “waterproof” boxes on the market and couldn’t find one that met his standards, it reminded us once again that ‘dry’ is not always a relative term.
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