T.U.'s "3 Extra Fishing Days" Calendar Contest

February 9, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

If you are a Trout Unlimited member, you are now likely the owner of a collector’s item: their Official 2007 T.U. calendar, which features 3 extra days. Turns out there were 500,000 of these calendars printed showing 31 days in February, and like the good folks they are, instead of burying the fact in some poorly circulated press release, T.U. is turning lemons into lemonade with a contest. You can enter their “Leap and Bound Year” contest by telling T.U. what you plan to do with your extra three days in 2007. The winner(s) will be published in the summer issue of T.U.’s Trout magazine.
Let’s see … three extra days of tarpon fishing … or three days in meditative repose on unnamed spring creeks in Montana…. Hmmm.