FFR 2006: Tibor Reels

Ted Juracsic was the first person to take saltwater fly reels beyond the acceptable range of performance and make them little marvels of engineering, no doubt helping to spawn the range of high-end fly reels that started appearing in the 1980s. This year Tibor his highlighting a couple of new products, including their Line Master Line Management System, a portable device that simplifies the spooling, removal, and storage of fly lines. (Marianne Juracsik, Ted’s daughter, was quick to point out that it also works great with baitcasting reels.) At a $249 price point, it is not cheap, but if you like to take good care of your fly lines in the off-season or, like me, you have a ton of old fly lines wound wrongly labeled spools and you are tired of tired of the pencil-between-the-toes method of keeping tension on a fly line spool, this is the ticket. As with all Tibor products, the design and engineering of the Line Master are nonpareil, with tons of features that might seem excessive until you realize just how practical they are.

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