FFR 2006: Simms

I was standing next to wader display yesterday, waiting for my 3 o’clock appointment with Simms marketing director Whitney McDowell, and found the phrase “I am not worthy” repeating itself in my brain. I’m not sure whether it was something left over from the video screening of Thursday night, the space-suit-like variety of water-proof zippers and stretch fabric pockets on the front of the waders, or just knowing that I was going to hear that these waders would set me back more than my new widescreen laptop. I was still in a daze when McDowell told me the price, so I think I heard $699, but better confirm with Simms or check with your local fly shop.
Beyond the top-end G4 Guide Stockingfoots that Simms is introducing this year, they are also:
— Expanding heavily into the bag and luggage lines. Pete McDonald had brought one of their new dry bags about my skiff last week, and as usual, Simms builds these things right.
— Bringing out a wading shoe — the G3 Guide Boot — that looks both indestructible and incredibly comfortable at the same time. The G3 looks like a very high-end hiking book attached to an extremely solid wading sole; look at they way the felt is glued inside ridges on the sole and you just know it is not going anywhere.
— Introducing lighter jackets and outerwear pieces that improve on both their waterproof lines and their Windstopper series. I was particularly impressed by the new Superlight Insulated Jacket, which is kind of a high-tech puff jacket — sleek, ultralight and highly condensable to stuff into its own self-contained pocket.

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