Bulls on Fly Rods

July 12, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

No, we’re not talking about the recent spate of gorings in Pamplona. We’re talking fly fishing for bull and blacktip sharks off the coast of southwest Florida, where you can easily run into a 200-pounder. “First, I’d call Scott Carrol at Scientific Anglers and get him to run some tensile strength tests on their new tarpon lines. Then I’d fill my reels with heavy backing. I’m talking about 130-pound test gelspun stuff. And rather than tying up a class tippet, I’d add a 5-foot butt section of 125-pound mono with a double surgeon’s knot. That would be the tippet. Then I’d attach fly and tippet to a piece of No. 9 leader wire and throw in a bottle of ibuprofen for good measure.” Bob Huttenmeyer in Florida Sportsman.