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How to Tie JC’s Electric Caddis Pupa

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Studios

Northeast-U.S. fly tier John Collins demonstrates how to tie his popular Electric Caddis Pupa.  He ties the pattern on a size 12 Daiichi hook with 70 denier fluorescent-green Ultra Thread and wire and fluorescent tubing to create a stunning segmented abdomen.

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  • David Holmes

    While it’s always fun to see a new pattern, is there any objective reason to assume that this pattern actually fishes significantly better than any of the 6532 other caddis pupa patterns already out there?

    • Tightline

      No David there isn’t. On the other hand, it just might. For me, this is reason enough to experiment with new patterns and materials. Once I find that perfect pattern that’s guaranteed to catch a fish on every cast, I’ll most likely give up fishing.