Gary Warren Dies

Gary Warren, who taught fly fishing at Southern Oregon College, served as a stream keeper on the Fall River and guided there and on the Rogue, died November 12. Warren helped give the stretch of the far upper Rogue between Lost Creek dam and Cole Rivers Fish Hatchery the title “Holy Water” and, as Mark Freeman wrote in 2007, chose it as the location for “services for the Church of the Leaping Trout” with his friends.

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  • Helen

    Thank you for acknowledging Gary Warren.  His passion for his fishing ferocious!  He was devoted to this craft. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.  Especially his family.  Sincerely, Helen McNeil his daughter

  • Mendivil

    Gary was wonderful person, teacher/guide and a kindred spirit.His lively and cutting wit  as well as his conservation work in the “Holy Water” will be sorely missed.He could take a good joke.His cast was art and a compliment from him will last a lifetime.
    Thanks Gary.
    Alex Mendivil MD