White River Travelogue

“It was a 19-inch Colorado River Cutthroat.  Caught on a dry fly.  In public water.”

Kirk Deeter of Fly Talk  shares a recent trip to the Colorado’s White River in this two-part travelogue.  The White River recently landed on the “Best Wild Places of 2011,” a list created by Field and Stream in collaboration with Trout Unlimited.

Deeter discovers an area where “there’s still a palpable ‘Old West’ authenticity.”  He also discovered large cutthroat, both in the South Fork of the White River and in Trappers Lake, one of the state’s largest mountain lakes.

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  • Gofisinor

    One place I would like to road trip to and do some fishin. Hope they keep the drillers OUT!! 

  • Jimcantino

    Fished the area back in “98” with friends. Woke up with Bull Elk bugling and chasing cows in the fields surrounding the cabin we stayed in. At that time there were more sheep than people in the area. The fishing was great and the scenary outstanding. Sorry to hear about the drilling, usually that means a large influx of people which can be a real bummer. The locals joked about this was the one part of Colorado that had not been discovered by the rich “elites” out of Vail and Aspen.
    But we really enjoyed the fishing, mostly nymph fishing catching native cutts and whitefish. Great experience, stayed at the Sleepy Cat Ranch.