Bonefish: The $75,000 Fish

Money talks.  By placing a value on various resources, advocates for conservation hope to bring attention to the economics of preserving various resources.  For example, Dr. Jerry Ault, a University of Miami marine biologist who specializes in bonefish, believes the bonefishing industry in Florida is worth $1 billion or $75,000 for each bonefish caught, writes Bob Keefe.

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  • Sayfu

    Seldom works.  During tough economic times, and we are sure having them, fish and game activity support takes a back seat, and is one of the first to be cut.  Takes private funding, and not govt funding.  We are 15 trillion big ones in debt, and the debt is climbing.  

  • Anonymous

    Being a Keys flats affectionado. I can legally say that after buying the suggested clothing, rods, reels, lines, backing, sungalsses, hat, air fare, hotel and finally a guide (owe and don’t forget all the flies that don’t catch fish.) It can cost more than $75k a fish. I spent that just for last years fishing trips!