Book Review: William McKeen’s “Mile Marker Zero”

In The Wall Street Journal, Wayne Curtis reviews William McKeen’s attempt to set the record straight on Key West in the 1970s.  Key West has been “strip-malled” by the success of its famous residents, he says; when Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” became popular, not even the former street singer wanted to return there.  The book tells the fascinating story of the characters who partied their way through the seventies in and around Old Town: ” Jimmy Buffett, the novelist Thomas McGuane, the actresses Elizabeth Ashley and Margot Kidder, Peter Fonda, Hunter S. Thompson. The book features numerous intriguing cameos, including Truman Capote, Jack Nicholson, the country singer Jerry Jeff Walker, novelist Jim Harrison and a local sheriff actually named Bum Farto.”

Mile Marker Zero: The Moveable Feast of Key West on Amazon.

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  • Tailingpermit

    The reason it took anglers so long to figure out permit in the Keys is because 
    most anglers in the seventies and eighties were too busy smokin’ dope, or snortin’

    The way it used to be, the good ole days.

    What a joke.  There’s only been one successful chain business in old town, that’s
    the Hard Rock.  Once the city rids itself of the eyesore t-shirt shops all will be a 
    hundred times better off.

    People forget how dependant the City was on the military back in the drug hazed days.
    Now in order to survive the city must rely on tourism. 

    Quit whining, Jesus!