Jackson River Conflict Gains Coverage

A few weeks after MidCurrent published it’s first story by Beau Beasley on the suit filed by property owners along Virginia’s Jackson River, other news organizations are elucidating the conflict and also suggesting this may become a landmark case in river access and usage law.  This morning The Roanoke Times‘s Mark Taylor gives a detailed timeline of river usage through the years—by the state, by property owners, and by guides and anglers—and sketches a complicated portrait of angler rights, sales obligations and legal interpretations.

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  • South River Fly Shop

    Marshall, thanks for putting in the link to this article and for all the work you and Beau Beasley have done to get this on the radar.

  • Gofishinor

    I do understand both sides. But I hope we can keep more public water. Maybe make all waterways open space.