After Slow Start, Wyoming Fishing Comes Back to Life

Martin Kidston reports in the Billings Gazette that Yellowstone Park visitors dropped 5 percent from last year during the first part of the summer, and hatches are all mixed up, but trout that have fought the big runoffs appear ready to eat.

“‘I think we’re going to see an ultra-compressed season,’ said [Humble Fly Shop owner Mike] Mufich. ‘We’ll see a flurry of hatches coming off at different times when they’re not supposed to and they’ll be all mixed up. But it’s going to be like fireworks.’”

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  • Chuck S

    Not sure about down on the Laramie or even on Rock Creek as they are still a bit high.  Here in SE Wyoming the lakes are fishing great with good numbers of Callebatis,  huge hatches of PEDs and just at Sundown a monster of a Trico hatch.  We even had a stray Hex come flying by and landed on the rod tip?? I’d say this next week the river/creeks should start fishing as snowmelt is dropping fast.