Podcast: Getting Kids and Teens into Fly Fishing

In his latest podcast, Tom Rosenbauer offers a “10-step plan for getting a kid into fly fishing.”

“Number One: Get them into fishing first, particularly with younger kids. There are other ways of fishing that are easier than fly fishing. Most of us don’t think they are as much fun, they’re a little more mechanical, you don’t have to think as much, you don’t have to worry about too many different things, but get them into fishing first.”

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  • Nmcarthur

    I have 2 sons and I have been able to take them out a few times and they grow to love it on their own! Its so fun to watch them enjoy the outdoors and to be able to spend some time with them without texting on a cell phone or being on faceboook. I love fishing and I know they will keep it a part of their lives as well. I wish more younger kids would get out more and experience what the world has to offer them.

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