American Angler Dealer's Choice Awards List

Every year American Angler magazine hosts the New Product Preview section of the Fly Fishing Retailer Show, in which all the dealers are asked to vote for their favorite new products in each category. In the past they’ve been known as the ‘Ka-Ching!’ awards, but the format changed this year, so now they’re called the ‘Dealer’s Choice.’ This year’s winners are:
Rods: The Scott S4s (Scott’s new fast-action saltwater stick. I agree with the dealers: specifically in the 9- and 10-weights, this is the sweetest casting new rod I have thrown at the show).
Reels: The Nautilus NV 11/12 (a new entry in Nautilus’ popular high-end line).
Accessories: The Sage Typhoon Boat Bag (a $99 waterproof top-access boat bag which looks particularly nice).
Fly Tying: The Petitjean TT bobbin.
Apparel: The Redington EcoGrip wading boot.
We’ll have more information about these and other products from the show in our big round-up article “Four Feet of Anything.” Look for it this coming week.

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  • Pisces

    These all sound great, what I am looking for is a thing as a “hat cam”.
    I’m thinking of a combo headlamp flashilight + camera.
    Something the solo angler can work one-handed.
    For every angler who is fishing alone (not traveling with a camera), and wants to snap a picture simply, quickly, ethically.

  • Rob S

    We just got in the S4S rods at the shop and it deserves the dealers choice award. The best saltwater rod we’ve cast in a long time.

  • Mike Miller

    The hat cam is a great idea. It is almost impossiable to take a picture of the big one or the pretty one yourself. But it needs to be affordable!!

  • Ron – Texas

    Hat Cam is a great idea! Not sure you need the light through – could have one with/without for us day time fisherman. Only question would be how to focus and review any pictures.

  • RC

    any idea when the new nautilus reel will be out?
    Orvis has a new saltwater reel coming that is supposed to be a huge step up for them