Rainbow Trout in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia anglers and officials are surprised at the rise in the number of rainbow trout being caught in local rivers, the likely result of a hurricane damaging a coastal fish farm last fall. The concern: that rainbow trout, which eat salmon eggs, will do damage to native fish populations. “The fish, which are not native to our waters, are suddenly being caught by anglers everywhere from the Mersey River in Liverpool to the Sackville River in Halifax Regional Municipality, and it’s all because of post-tropical storm Noel. Wind and storm surges ripped apart Ocean Trout Farms’ aquaculture cages off Coffin Island in Queens County last fall, releasing about 500,000 farmed fish into the ocean.” Renee Stevens in the Nova Scotia Chronicle Herald.

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  • After moving to Nova Scotia from the UK recently I have to say I am glad to see any fish in the waters! I was surprised to find that there weren’t many places to catch Salmon in Nova Scotia…..looks like they are in for a harder time now the Rainbow Trout are out there too.