Fly Fishing Bloggers Convene, Repent

As one astute observer of presidential campaign tactics recently said, “It’s so incredible, it’s almost hard to believe.”
Word has it that several top fly fishing blogs have outlawed the use of foul language in their posts and even forbid their commenters’ use of what they are now calling “inflammatory” language. Our sources say that the plan was hatched during a clandestine meeting of the bloggers at a remote mountain enclave that caters to those who enjoy the “glamping” lifestyle.
According to a waiter who served aperitifs to the hooded figures, someone observed after a day of short nature walks punctuated by Thai massage and readings from Commerce and the Outdoors, “This irreverence thing is getting pretty tired.” “Think about it,” another said, “constant derision is really the hallmark of the fly shop misanthrope, who has contributed nothing to the sport.” While there were immediate protests (“Greg, you neo-bourgeois lunkhead, your uxorious sniveling has gone too far”), accusations (“Dude, you live for schwag!”), and denials (“These molded butter patties ain’t workin’ for me”) most at the table seemed overcome by the dizzying indulgence of the high-end-retreat experience, according to our sources.
But why, we wondered, the sudden turn? We asked some of the original beacons of the “Smash the State” movement in fly fishing media. “I invented snarky in fly fishing blogs,” said one. “My mistake was not seeking a patent. Now everyone is doing it.” Another blurted, “My free subscription to Fly Fisherman was about to expire.” But the sentiment whispered by our last source was perhaps the most revealing: “Have you ever napped on merino/cashmere-blend sheets in an air-conditioned yurt before?”
(Editor’s Note: We actually have friends in the snarky blog business. Diversity is good. Especially in journalism.)

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  • what’s today’s date?

  • Big news day today. In other unrelated headlines, Dick Cheney announced he’s going Vegan and MTV said it plans to start actually playing music again.

  • Being a died-in-the-wool non-conformist dating back to the 1980s (when non-conformity was NOT en vogue), this is deeply troubling to me. Even FOXNews anchors have exhibited a shocking amount on integrity and independent thought lately by walking off the set of Obama-bashing newscasts. And if we can’t count on Busta Wants To Fish, then who can we count on? LOL

  • Ok now that our secret meetings have been reported on by the media what will we do with Geronimo’s skull? We can’t exactly give it back… can we?

  • actually, for those counting cuss words at home, the actual url is

  • Hope this ain´t true, I only trust blogs with inflammatory language.

  • I am an avid fly fishing artist who also bloggs. I do not swear in my typings, but I do not have an issue with it. Sometimes it is necessary…..even required.