Field and Stream Fflogs It

A fellow fly fishing blogger shared the URL to Field & Stream‘s new fly fishing blog, Fflogger, this past week, and we we spent enough time there this weekend to identify what is easily our favorite part so far: the “Motorcyle Reel Tests.” Using such subtle measurements as “wiggliness” and “hotness,” Kirk Deeter and Tim Romano film the testing of several fly reels’ drag performances by attaching a leader to the back of a Harley Davidson and letting rip. Fun stuff. Let’s hope they can live up to their self-described status as “The Ultimate Fly Fishing Blog.”

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  • Wacky field tests on video actually do pretty well. We made a bunch of them a few years ago on and they were all the rage.
    And you have to admit, if your fly reel can handle a Harley…

  • Yep. Seems like one of those “Why wasn’t this done before?” ideas. The closest I’ve ever come is hooking a couple of car antennas while fishing near highways.

  • Ah, but there’s the ole tractor pull method of testing line test, the dog ate my backpack test, the is it REALLY bulletproof test, the let’s see just how “unconditional” that warranty is test, the old standy – chainsaw cross-section demonstration, and let us not forget the roll the drift boat 1/4 mile down the side of the mountain to put it in the water test I saw on Familiar Waters the other day test!
    Oh, I forgot the will this steelhead rod and reel control my 2 year old on a sugar high test!
    All sorts of options…only limited by one’s creativity and legal liabilities one is willing to endure. LOL