Spey Casting Tip: “Drawing Your C”

Producer: Ed Ward

In this video, Ed Ward goes into a little more detail regarding the C-Spey cast, one we’ve decided to highlight for the beginning of the summer. In this segment, Ed talks more in-depth on “drawing your C”, which is how you set your anchor and is unique to other casts. It has its little nuances, and here Ed breaks those down for you to get you set up for success. We like this cast for beginners; however, this segment has a little more meat and potato’s for not only someone starting out, but also for the intermediate skill levels as well. So, grab a note pad and a beverage, and get ready to go to school.

To watch the “Connecting the Planes” video referred to in this installment of Casting with Ed, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBdgu…