How to Tie a Micro Egg

Producer: Tim Flagler

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “For the egg material, I go with McFly Foam. As for color, the choice is yours. In terms of amount, you really just have to experiment. Try about a strand and a half to start. A lot of times, you’ll get kinks at the ends of the strands and it’s easiest to simply snip them off. Do check to make sure that both ends are free of lumps and bumps. Feed a bobbin threader through one of the tube segments and then get it opened and insert one end of the yarn. Snipping the inserted end off close generally makes pulling the material through the tube a bit easier. Still, initially getting the yarn through should take a good amount of effort. The more compressed the McFly Foam is, the better your Micro Eggs will be. With just a small length extending from one end of the tube, snip any extra long fibers off square, leaving about ye much sticking out.”