How to Tie a Micro Caddis Larva

Producer: Tim Flagler

Tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “Here I’m going to tie a Micro Caddis Larva on a size 22 Dai-Riki #135 scud emerger hook. Plunger-style hackle pliers make handling these hooks much easier than fingertips alone. Start by carefully mashing the barb. Barbed hooks this small can be exceedingly difficult to remove from a fish’s jaw.

I like these flies to be neutrally buoyant so use a midge-sized black glass bead as opposed to one made of brass or tungsten. Just drag the hook through the beads and you’ll eventually snag one. Get the hook and bead assembly firmly secured in the jaws of your tying vise with the bead pushed all the way forward.”