How to Tie a Body Glass Caddis

Producer: Hans Stephenson

This super simple fly has been a moneymaker in the Black Hills this last season. The chartreuse and black version works great, but you can tie this pattern in any variety of color combinations. Great weight fly or point fly on a Czech nymph rig. Super durable and easy tie!

“This is Ryan from Dakota Angler and Outfitter and today we’re going to be tying a Body Glass Caddis nymph. We’ve got a Fire Hole 315 hook with a 1/8″ tungsten bead in the vise. And I’m using 50 denie brown semper fly nano silk thread.

So start your thread right at the front of the hook. This is a really simple fly and we’re gonna take some body glass. You can tie this fly in whatever color. We’re gonna kind of go for a caddis sorta look right now. We’re using the half round body glass. So tie it in with the flat part facing the hook, so the round part’s facing you, and kind of loose wrap it a couple times just to get it started, and then kind of cinch it down. And then I like to kind of stretch it as I wind back….”