Fly-Tying Videos


How to Tie a Rusty Spinner

The Rusty Spinner is one of those fly patterns that really needs no introduction - kind of like a Woolly Bugger or an...

How to Tie a Spent Early Smoky-Winged Sedge

All the signs of spring are here. The Canada geese are actively nesting, robins have showed up in numbers, skunk...

"Which Fly Tying Vise Should I Buy?"

Tim Cammisa examines the features and faults of various popular fly tying vises.

How to Tie Galloup's Mini Peanut Envy

Brian Wise demonstrates how to tie Kelly Galloup's Mini Peanut Envy.

How to Tie a Clouser Variant Fly in White | 60-Second Video

Svend Diesel ties a Clouser Variant in white.

How to Tie a Gurgler for Topwater Bass or Saltwater

"Gurglers are a great fly for top water fishing. They are similar to poppers in that they do spit water. But I find...

Tying the Found Link Hackle Stacker

In this video, Kelly ties up a hybrid Mayfly pattern that combines the characteristics of three of his favorite dry...

How to Tie a CDC Dun Dry Fly

Materials Hook: Fulling Mill Ultimate Dry Black Nickel size 16 Thread: Uni-8/- Lt-Cahill Tail: Golden Olive Cock Hackle...