Bahamas: Women in Fly Fishing

Producer: Todd Moen

“Wade Andros” was filmed in 2011 when I traveled to Andros Island with my wife, Kelley, for work. But it was also a chance to introduce her to the saltwater flats of this beautiful country. This was Kelley’s first time fly fishing for bonefish and any type of saltwater species. Wade Andros was shot in the Bahamas at Andros South Lodge. All the things a camera operator hopes for came together: constant beautiful white sand flats against a pallet of blue sky, teal ocean water, bright sun for spotting fish, abundant schools of bonefish and Kelley as the angler on film. Excited to be there together, we had not traveled on a work trip together in 6 years…back when we were childless fishing bums in New Zealand. For her, catching a five-pound bonefish might actually rival the break she would have from our small kids at home at the time. Kelley quickly became friends with Kadegia Long, a local Bahamian, and my T-Motion film fell into place. Wade Andros captures the beauty of the Bahamian bonefishing experience as a great day with two woman, as angler and guide, searching and wading the flats. Thanks to the fantastic guides and the lodge staff at Andros South Lodge for making it possible. Thanks to everyone who has supported my work along the way. This was shot almost 8 years ago and is still one of the best experiences I’ve had on the water.