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Video: Vedavoo Deluxe Tightlines Sling Pack & Spinner Daypack

Scott Hunter, founder and owner of Vedavoo Gear, shows off the company's two completely made-in-the-USA marquee products: the Tightlines Sling Pack Deluxe and the Spinner Daypack.

Video: Vedavoo Day Pack and Tablet Messenger

Scott Hunter of Vedavoo shows off his latest and greatest for the fly fishing community, the Vedavoo Day Pack and the Tablet Messenger.

Video: Vedavoo Spinner Daypack

Scott Hunter, owner and founder of Vedavoo fly fishing gear, talks about the high-riding Spinner Daypack, which retails for $119.00.

Video: Vedavoo Flyfishing - Tightlines Sling Pack

Scott Hunter describes Vedavoo's new Tightlines Sling Pack for all you fishing minimalists out there. The pack is made in the USA from American products and retails for $99.00.