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Video: G.Loomis Asquith Fly Rods

Famed rod designer Steve Rajeff of G. Loomis rods goes into detail about the collaboration between parent company Shimano and G Loomis in the new series of fly rods the company is calling "Asquith."

Loomis Launches New Pro4X Rod Series

Taking advantage of all the research and development put into their NRX rod series (considered by many, including gear editor Kirk Deeter, to be 2011's "game changer" rod line), G.Loomis is introducing a new 11 model series called the Pro4X. The Pro4X is designed for both ‘new-to-the-sport’ and intermediate anglers. The series includes rods for trout...

G.Loomis NRX Series Rods

G.Loomis says that their new NRX Series rods look and feel better than anything they've ever built.  The rods are 15 percent lighter than equvalent power GLX rods, plus they were able to to make them up to 20 percent stronger and more impact resistant. Said Steve Rajeff, G.Loomis's Chief Rod Designer, "And as anglers would expect from G. Loomis, we bring...