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BTT Journal Fall 2019

From flats conservation and restoring Florida’s bonefish population, to profiles of Stu Apte and Billy Pate, find great reads in the new issue of The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Journal. Read online here.

New Bonefish Spawning Research from BTT

New research from the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust conducted in the Bahamas during the recent bonefish spawning season reveals important new information about bonefish reproduction. Learn more about the findings in this article via the Fisheries Research Foundation.

Fly Line Review: Cortland Tropic Plus Bonefish Line

Cortland has bucked the current trend of underrating tropical fly lines to produce a true-to-weight bonefish line. The result is an increased capacity to stealthily present bonefish flies. Fewer frightened bonefish equals increased hook-ups. And as is the case with bonefish, every cast counts. So that alone is worth the price of admission. The Bonefish...

Bahamas: Women in Fly Fishing

"Wade Andros" was filmed in 2011 when I traveled to Andros Island with my wife, Kelley, for work. But it was also a chance to introduce her to the saltwater flats of this beautiful country. This was Kelley's first time fly fishing for bonefish and any type of saltwater species. Wade Andros was shot in the Bahamas at Andros South Lodge. All the things a...

BTT Works to Conserve Bonefish Nurseries

The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is teaming up with researchers at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute to identify where juvenile bonefish settle in the Florida Keys. “Identifying and protecting essential fish habitat is the first and most important step towards recovering the bonefish population in the Florida Keys.”

"Running Shallow"

Prince Emmanuel is a self-described “island boy.” He grew up on South Andros Island in the Bahamas, and though he’s spent some time “off-island,” he’s back and ready to make his life there. Working as a bonefish guide on the island is one of the surest paths to stability there—but the gig doesn’t come easy. You may very well find yourself on...

RIO’s DirectCore Gets Introduced Into Its Best-Selling Bonefish Line

RIO Products has announced a new line designed specifically for chasing bonefish. The DirectCore Bonefish Line was the the winner of the Best New Saltwater Fly Line at IFTD.

Patience, Focus, Persistence: A Report from Turneffe Flats

The moment I decided to commit to a permit-specific trip, I began to wonder about everything I heard and read about the fish: those who have logged considerable "permit hours," and how they’ve all pointed out to expect the unexpected. If there’s a species that will not conform to a behavioral pattern, this is the one. Turneffe Flats Lodge is located on...

Bonefish: Beginners' Expectations

Fly fishing for bonefish has experienced considerable growth within the fly fishing travel industry, with hundreds of new anglers annually joining this migration to the saltwater in search of what many consider to be one of the world's finest light tackle game fish. Here in the Bahamas we are fortunate in having hundreds of thousands of acres of prime...

El Pescador: Traveling Into A Fishing Dream

My mom barged into my bedroom telling me to get my stuff ready. Groggy and still awakening from a dream, I didn’t know why she was making a fuss. It was barely daylight. And then reality hit me, as if on Christmas morning knowing that Santa had arrived with gifts. My first panicked priority was double checking to make sure I had my fishing gear and...