Fly Line Review: Cortland Tropic Plus Bonefish Line

Cortland has bucked the current trend of underrating tropical fly lines to produce a true-to-weight bonefish line. The result is an increased capacity to stealthily present bonefish flies. Fewer frightened bonefish equals increased hook-ups. And as is the case with bonefish, every cast counts. So that alone is worth the price of admission.

The Bonefish Tropic Plus line features a slightly aggressive head coupled with moderate-to-subtle overall taper that loads rods easily and precisely for close shots, along with an elongated rear taper that provides excellent loop control when you need to carry line for long range targets.

Two other noteworthy features: the line is bone-white, so you can track your fly with precision. Also, this is the slickest Cortland line I’ve tested to date. Provided your casting basics are in order, this line will easily help you attain an additional 5 to 10 feet of distance, and there are times when that’s the difference between producing an eat – or not.

Highly recommended.