Brian O’Keefe: From Kiwi to Kashmir

It’s easy to think Brian O’Keefe has done it all. He’s traveled the world as a fly fisherman and photographer and fished in many of the places most of us just dream about. While sharing plenty of good advice on photography, O’Keefe takes us through a few favorite stories, beginning in New Zealand and ending up on the India/Pakistan border, where an armed confrontation ends as they all should: with someone buying a beer.

Podcast Excerpt: “In 1973, when I told a lot of my friends that I was going to New Zealand, they thought it was like New Guinea or New Caledonia or some real exotic place like that. Those in the know obviously knew all about it, but it was definitely beneath the radar for most. I walked with a backpack and a Fenwick fly rod from the tip of the North Island all the way down to the tip of the South Island and fished every river along the way. It took about eleven and a half months, and of course part of the time it was winter there so I fished as much as I could and then got a job washing dishes at a little hotel and skied every day at that nice little ski area in Queenstown. But that whole time on North and South Island I never saw another fly angler.”

Podcast music by permission of Old Medicine Crow Show.