Gear Review: RIO Metered ConnectCore Shooting Line

June 4, 2019 By: Robert Morselli

I tested RIO’s 0.042″ Metered ConnectCore Shooting Line with a Skagit Gamechanger and a Scandi 3D head, and RIO has managed to make its already outstanding ConnectCore running line better.  It shoots effortlessly through the guides with both heads and overall, it’s super slick, and it doesn’t tangle into a bird’s nest when shooting line.

I did get a few small tangles when shooting 60+ feet of running line, but that was due to 35mph wind. Those tangles were quickly and easily undone thanks to its slickness. You would expect a new, out of box line to be super slick, and it was, but for how long? I’ve been fishing the non metered ConnectCore running lines off several reels for the last few seasons and I’m extremely happy with their longevity. I would expect the same from the new metered system.

The most appreciated feature is the RangeFinder system. Every 10 feet of line has alternating colors of straw yellow and orange in the 0.042″ size. You can easily count how many color changes there are off the rod tip to accurately gauge the distance of a cast or to where you just got a fish to grab. Great for when you’ve got one going and want to rest it for a while. You can now count the color changes before reeling in, then go back later to where you were standing, peel off the exact amount of line, and be right in the strike zone with one cast!  Or you can have a friendly distance casting competition among friends!

RIO’s Metered ConnectCore Shooting line features ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology. Low stretch equals to better detection of soft takes and better hook ups.

Four sizes are available:

0.026″ – Orange/Gray. 15lb core. Ideal for heads between 200-450gr (3-5wt -Trout Spey)

0.032″ – Orange/Green. 20lb core. Ideal for heads between 450-575gr (6 to 8wt)

0.037″ – Orange/Blue. 20lb core. Ideal for heads between 575-675gr (7 to 9wt)

0.042″ – Orange/Straw Yellow. 30lb core. Ideal for heads over 675gr (9 to 11wt)

Highly recommended.