Gear Review: Hemingway Performance Fishing Shirt

July 30, 2019 By: Robert Morselli

What makes this shirt a standout is that it’s an excellent travel partner: polyester performance is built in. Fish it, wash it in a sink and hang to dry so that you can use it that same evening: dries in a snap and wrinkle free. Two or three of these shirts will cover you for an entire one-week fishing excursion.

Those fishing-specific goods: 2 large bellows chest pockets, with pocket button loops that can double as leader loops, 2 shoulder yoke vents with a hidden net panel across shoulders to keep you cool and unrestricted shoulder geometry for all day casting comfort. Sun collar unfolds to keep the sun off your neck, obligatory roll-up sleeve tabs.

The shirt can be stuffed into a zipped chest pocket for easy travel (zippered chest pocket also doubles as a passport pocket).

UV Protection built in. Attractively priced.

Tailored on the large side, so remember to downsize by one size if ordering on-line.

Highly recommended.