Gear Review: C&F Design Large Chest Storage Box

May 28, 2019 By: Robert Morselli

C&F Design doesn’t make a habit of checking the community radar when designing a product. They do it their very own, very particular way.

Despite being widely regarded as a slightly odd box due to the carbonite cladding and spiral binding that holds the whole unit together, testing revealed that this – like most C&F products – is a remarkable piece of engineering.

Most noteworthy is its weight, or lack of it: an astounding 8.6 ounces (245 grams)! And that’s for the larger of the two available models. Keep this in mind while noting that it has a 450-fly capacity, integrated tippet cutter, and three tippet spool slots that not only house spools but allow you pull the desired length without removing them from the box.

The box has one swing leaf to accommodate larger bugs, as well as two snap-lid compartments for your tiniest nymphs or dries. Two integrated magnetic pads allow for safe on-the water fly swaps. Four ingenious tool holders are located at various positions on the box.

This box can certainly take a few knocks, but isn’t for those who typically abuse gear.

Carried via a lightweight, ergonomic, adjustable neck strap.