Fly Rod Review: Redington “Butter Stick”

April 9, 2019 By: Robert Morselli

I enjoyed fishing the Redington Butter Stick a little bit too much.

At one point, this crazy thought crossed my mind: why are you even bothering with graphite at all? Fortunately, the logical side of my brain kicked into action and shut that thought down.

For those who have never handled a fiberglass rod, I urge you to do so – at least occasionally. The one main shift to be mindful of is to slow down your casting stroke: nothing more complicated than that.

Due to the nature of the material (which is not better nor worse than graphite, far too many anglers are fond of pitting one against the other and this makes no sense whatsoever) – these rods don’t have a stout backbone. What they do have is significant heft, and it’s that heft which translates into significant swing weight, which propels a fly line. Yes, the rod mechanics are different than what you’d normally expect, but glass rods are fundamentally a joy to cast. Don’t buy the argument that glass cannot get the job done: anyone with a solid casting technique can use a mid-weight fiberglass rod to successfully accomplish much, if not all, of their trout fishing. Once you accustom yourself to the material, you’ll be able to deliver flies with pinpoint precision up to 45 feet, and landing your quarry is entirely different (again, not better or worse) than doing so with a graphite rod.

The Butter Stick features a generically calibrated and well-balanced blank that has wide appeal. Guides and finishing are top tier and the classic, artisanal look of the very well-appointed rod handle completes this excellent package, which also happens to be attractively priced.

I recommend the Butter Stick to anyone who is fond of fiberglass to begin with, as well as graphite-slingers who are looking to add a little variety to their fishing day.