Thomas Pero

Thomas Pero is the owner of Wild River Press, a Seattle-based publisher of high-quality fly-fishing books. He has worked as the full-time editor of Trout, in addition to founding Wild Steelhead & Salmon and Fish & Fly magazines. A longtime member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, Pero also contributes the “Outdoor Adventures” column for Business Jet Traveler magazine. In 1992, Pero joined with U. S. Navy Captain Peter W. Soverel (ret.) in organizing The Wild Salmon Center, now headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Author Articles

Tom McGuane: "A Passion For Tarpon"

Thomas R. Pero: You bring a unique perspective to the tarpon story. As a young man you moved to Key West in the 1960s before there was a single full-time flats guide living there. And you knew and spent time on the water with many of the old-time guides. Thomas McGuane: When I was first down there in the late ’60s a certain amount of the world that had...