Greg French

Greg French is one of Australia’s best-known fishing authors. He spends most of his time in Australia and New Zealand, but he has fished extensively in South America, North America, the British Isles, Iceland, Eastern Europe, and Mongolia. He has written numerous books, including a comprehensive guide, Trout Waters of Tasmania, originally published in 1984 and last updated in 2011, Frog Call (New Holland, 2002) a work of literary nonfiction and its companion Artificial (New Holland, 2008), Menagerie of False Truths (Exisle, 2010) and The Imperiled Cutthroat (Patagonia, 2016). French also cowrote with Nick Reygaert the acclaimed documentary “Hatch.” In 2013, Reygaert and French produced a companion DVD, “Predator,” which won the Best DVD award at the 2013 IFTD tackle show in Las Vegas. He lives in Molesworth, Australia.

Author Articles


We have driven through the Roosevelt Arch, collected our park pass from the tollbooth, and are heading toward the town of Mammoth to pick up our backcountry permits for Pebble Creek and Cache Creek. I am supposed to be navigating for Frances, but I’m thinking about trout. Did you know that each American state has a state fish? In Montana it’s the...