George Anderson

George Anderson is a well-known fly fishing author and teacher. He owns The Yellowstone Angler fly shop in Livingston, Montana.

Author Articles

Trout: Fishing Pods

PODS, large groups of feeding fish, provide exciting and demanding fishing. Approach from below the pod. Accuracy is key, so get as close as you can. I often get within 15 to 20 feet of my target — close enough to observe the individual rises and feeding patterns of the fish. Have a plan. If you cast into the pod, all the fish will spook and scatter...

Cuba, Libre?

MY GUIDE NELSON dropped to his knees on the front of skiff and kissed the 15-pound permit like it was his newborn child. All I could think was that now Nelson might forgive me for breaking off the 20-pound permit I had hooked ten minutes before. Since my friend Randy and I had caught several nice bonefish earlier that morning, I knew our next stop would be...

Leaf Bucket Stripping Basket

ANYTHING THAT MAKES saltwater fly fishing easier gets my attention, and when Keith Tennant, a tarpon guide from Venice Florida, showed me this deal three years ago, I could see the tremendous potential, and refined Keith's original idea a bit to come up with the “Ultimate Stripping Basket” for your boat. Using a stripping basket might not appeal to...