Gary Soucie

Formerly editor of American Angler and long-time executive editor of AudubonGary Soucie is also the author of several other books, including Traveling With Fly Rod and Reeland Hook, Line, and Sinker, and editor of the anthology Home Waters. He presently is working on Muddler Magic, a book not unlike Woolly Wisdom, on Muddler Minnows and other mostly-Muddler flies.

Author Articles

Fishing Woolly Buggers

RUSSELL BLESSING, who invented the pattern, says he usually starts out dead-drifting the Bugger, "to see what happens." If that doesn't produce, he will add jigging motions on the strip, jig it back at the end of the drift as Barry Beck described [see several paragraphs below], cast up and across the current and let it swing, use hand-strip retrieves...