Charlie Craven

Charlie Craven has been a commercial fly tier for nearly thirty years. He designs flies for Umpqua Feather Merchants, and some of his popular patterns include the Charlie Boy Hopper, Ragin’ Craven, Poison Tung, Juju Bee Midge, JujuBaetis, Jumbo Juju, and BC Hopper (collaboration with John Barr). Craven is the president of Charlie’s Fly Box in Old Town Arvada, Colorado. Copyright © 2009 by Charlie Craven.

Author Articles

Fly Tying: Hair Selection

SELECTING THE RIGHT HAIR for a fly is one of the hallmarks of an accomplished fly tier. After years of tying with all sorts of hair, you will start to develop a sense of how different types react on the hook when you apply thread tension. For our purposes here, I will talk about hair from deer, elk, and moose, and calf body hair. Caribou and antelope both...