Boots Allen

Boots Allen is a third-generation fly-fishing guide who for the past thirty-plus years has worked on many of the storied trout streams of the Rocky Mountain West. He is a top-scoring tournament angler and winner of the 2007 Carmichael-Cohen Award. He is also the author of many articles and books on fly fishing.

Author Articles

Reading the Gauges: PH Levels

We all learned about pH in junior high. It is an expression of the acid-base (alkaline) relationship of a particular solution measured on a scale ranging from 0.0 to 14.0. A measurement of 7 represents a neutral solution.  A value decreasing below 7 indicates increasing acidity. A value increasing above 7 indicates an increasingly basic solution. An...

It’s Not Just About What the Fish See: Natural Light Conditions and the Fly Fisher

Natural light conditions can influence the angler just as much as they can influence the fish. Yes, we have the aid of polarized eyewear that allows us to see the flies and rigging we are using as well as the trout we are targeting. Nonetheless, there are those times when our eyes fail us, even with the help of $250 sunglasses. The sun is too bright, the...