Andrew Steketee

Andrew Steketee is a writer, online media professional (Trada), and the editor of MidCurrent. He is the co-author of two fly fishing books, Castwork and Tideline, a contributing editor to Angling Trade, and the former managing editor of The Flyfish Journal. He has fished extensively across the US Rockies, southern coast, New England, in addition to working many years as a fishing guide. He lives in eastern Colorado.

Author Articles

Castwork: Denny Breer

Green River—Dutch John, Utah The landscape makes a stark impression as we arrive from a long drive through northwestern Colorado. State Route 318 is a lonely road, where first you lose the radio signal, then, entering Utah, the pavement, and last, as you twist on muddy trails through fields of natural gas pipelines, bone-dry washes, and Cretaceous Dakota...

Tideline: Rick Murphy

IN THE EVERGLADES, you can smell a good tarpon day when it is about to happen. There is a sweet early morning scent, the fragrance of lacy white flowers from Spanish stopper trees suspended in the humidity, woven through the mangroves and hanging over the flats. The smell is only there when the wind, moisture, and heat are right, and its presence is a...

Castwork: Tim Mosolf

Beaverhead River—Dillon, Montana “Hey, where did Tim go?” Liz asks. Our guide is missing. He was just standing here 10 minutes ago. We met Tim Mosolf early in the morning at Frontier Anglers in Dillon, right on schedule. We exchanged pleasantries, shot the bull a bit, and made plans for a day of fishing on the Beaverhead River. Then we poked our noses...