A.K. Best

A. K. Best is the author of Production Fly Tying, A. K.’s Fly Box, and Advanced Fly Tying. He’s written articles for Fly Rod & Reel, Fly Fisherman, Fly Tyer, and The Bamboo Fly Rod. He’s lectured and taught about fly fishing and fly tying all across the U.S. A professional tier, he lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Author Articles

A. K. Best's Casting Techniques

IT USUALLY TAKES ME three or four casts to finally put the fly over the fish where I'd like it to land. But I'm a believer in presenting the first few casts to a spot that will be at least a foot or two to my side of the fish. If the fish is really hungry, it'll often charge over to grab the fly. If it doesn't, I can gradually work the fly in closer to the...