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FTC Compliance Announcement

You’ve probably heard about the new Federal Trade Commission rule on blogs by now. Bloggers, the feds say, need to be doing a better job of disclosing their conflicts of interest, primarily by revealing whether they’re being paid for reviews, … more

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Snowpeak Giga Stove

On a recent backpacking trip, a friend brought along one of the smallest camp-stoves I have ever seen. The Snowpeak Giga Stove is so tiny, you could mistake it for a lighter. (It fits in the white case to the … more

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Review: L.L. Bean Gray Ghost Wading Boot

Wading boots and hiking boots serve surprisingly different functions, considering that, after all, they’re both footwear. A good wading boot needs to provide a stable surface underwater, so it often has an extra-wide sole (this is even more true of … more

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Review: Cloudveil 8X Pro Jacket

Personally, I usually hate having to wear a hardshell fishing coat. For the last several years, the market for these jackets has been dominated by Patagonia (with the venerable SST Jacket) and Simms (with the as-venerable Guide Jacket). Those companies … more

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Smart Nalgene Flask for Upcoming Cold Days

I recently attended a wedding in Arkansas, where I served as one of the sixteen or so groomsmen (the groom tended to be the one hosting the parties in college). When you’re buying gifts for that many buddies, you tend … more

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CND Spey Rods

One of the things I like most about having the opportunity to blog here on MidCurrent is the chance to shine a spotlight on some of the smaller companies involved in fly fishing–the ones without marketing budgets, who nonetheless make … more

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How Are Products Priced, Anyway?

You ever wonder how much money a manufacturer makes on a $100 product? How much of that goes to the fly shop? Outdoor gear is expensive, after all, so it’s a fair question. Generally speaking, retail markup in the outdoor … more

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"Four Feet of Anything" Comment Thread

Well, as you have no doubt seen from the newsletter and the main page, our annual roundup of the Fly Fishing Retailer Show, “Four Feet of Anything,” is now live and in prime time. If anyone wondered where the Gear … more

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Loon Sharktooth Tippet Control System

One of my favorite things about attending the Fly Fishing Retailer Show is the chance to check out all the little accessories that people can come up with. A lot of times, this will be the only chance to see … more

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Sharkskin Everywhere

Scientific Anglers‘ Sharkskin technology took the industry by storm when it was first announced, but the number of lines one could get with the treatment was very limited. The first tapers available also had quite a deep emboss, which made … more

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