Artist Zach Otte

Zach Otte

Throughout his 15 years of guiding fly anglers around the world, Zach Otte (b.1979-) has lived with indigenous warriors and shamans, volunteered with rainforest groups, and pursued adventure wherever he went. Zach never envisioned that one day he would be an artist. However, in 2017 while guiding in northern India and after encounters with wild tigers, his urge to paint the wild became too much to resist. Back in the United States he picked up a brush for the first time and soon created his own style using a bold palette to express the intensity he feels while on rivers and oceans.

In his paintings, Zach brings out his early roots from east Tennessee and South Florida as well as his adult habitats of the Amazon, Patagonia, the Himalayas, and the US West. He continues to volunteer with various nonprofits and raises funds for their initiatives with his art.

Nowadays Zach paints out of Canon City, CO, Missoula, MT and Key West, FL. He leads on-the-water art classes in his current summer home on the Upper Arkansas River. You can find his work and different offerings on social media and through his website,