Artist Yves Laurent

Yves Laurent

Born in 1955 in Montreal, Canada, Yves Laurent is one of a generation artists influenced by 18th- and 19th-century fish trophy carvers Malloch and Tully. Laurent began by making collectible wildfowl calls and moved to carving birds, then fishes, and then fish trophy plaques and busts. Over the years, he developed an acute attention to form associated with nature and photography, refining his own perspective through a focus on interaction between fish, birds and scenes from nature analysis.

Laurent’s work can be found in many public and private art collections both in Canada, the USA and abroad and has been seen in numerous exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada as a learning disabilities specialist for kids.


Best of division (Canadian National 2013), Best of division (Ottawa 2011); Best of species (Ocean City 2011); 1er Expert (Montréal 2011); 3eme Best of show (Montréal 2011); Best of Show (Laval 2010); First of species (Ocean City 2010); 3eme Best of Categories (Ocean City 2010); Best of Show Interm. (Montréal 2010); 3eme Best in division (Ottawa 2010); 2ème prix Open (St-Hyacinthe 2010); Best of Show amateur (Montréal 2009); Second Best of Show amateur (Montréal 2009).

Yves Laurent Art