Artist Brian Hester

Brian Hester

Fly fishing is absolutely for everyone to experience, because fishing (in general) does not care about your religion, your skin color, your culture, your sex or whether you’re rich or poor. The only two things fishing cares about, in my eyes, are your attitude and effort.

I have taught visual arts in Charlotte, NC for the last 27 years and have been a practicing painter/sculptor for many more. I hope you enjoy getting up close and personal above and below the water-line, while I hit pause for that split second to catch that moment in time that would otherwise be simply unseen.

I love to compose through the concept of inversion or by taking my subject matter and inserting it into unconventional situations. My paintings vary from the reminiscing vapor of a trout from a cigar sitting on a two-finger bourbon at the end of a day fishing, to the stand-off between a real mayfly and one that has been tied, to a rising brown locked in a highball glass of his own whiskey river, to the patrolling of two trout covered in our stars and stripes in honor of military and the organization Project Healing Waters.

Brian Hester Art