Artist Brad McMinn

Brad McMinn

“My artwork includes anything from painting, to drawing, to some Photoshop work. Another artist told me that it was a rigid or edgy approach to the fly fishing world. Everything is done freehand, and then sometimes scanned and painted in Photoshop. The paintings are all freehand acrylic on selected wooden panels.

The paint mixes well on its own when it slides across the wood. My aim is to blend the profile of the fish with as much of the grain as possible. Most of them come out showing the different color and moods of the fish.

I’d like to take my artwork to all corners of the fishing world—sweet or salty. I’m not really focused on branding myself but on establishing myself as an artist.  I live in Asheville, North Carolina with my wife Leah, and I run my own residential sub-contracting business.  Work all day, paint all night. I was born on the coast of South Carolina and spend most of my free time traveling the southeast chasing tarpon in the spring/summer and giant redfish in the winter.”